Friday, January 2, 2009

When Will It End??

his is getting ridiculous. Early in the year, maybe 10-15 games in, I noticed Baron Davis had yet to shoot over 50% in even one game for his new team. I just thought it was a weird statistical oddity that would soon vanish. After all, how hard is it to have 1 night during the entire NBA season when you make more shots than you miss? Apparently, it is impossible. Taking into account the final 19 games for Baron last year, and the 30 he has played in this season, he has now failed to eclipse the 50% mark 49 games in a row. This streak is reaching unthinkable heights.

As everybody knows, NBA players have their share of ups and downs throughout the year. Maybe there's a week where your wife or girlfriend makes you an amazing home-cooked meal every night before the game and you catch fire for 4-5 games straight. There could also be a stretch where life is just no acting up, get a flat tire on the way to the arena...maybe you can't throw the ball into an ocean for a week. But nobody should ever be able to step out on the court 49 straight times and do what Baron Davis has done. Check out LeBron James the other night against Miami: 12 of 19 shooting...that's over 50%. The guy who has taken many of Baron's minutes for the Warriors this season, C.J. Watson, put up a 5 of 7 night in LA recently...again, over 50%. How long can our man B-Dizzle possibly keep this disturbing streak going?

The other night, I expressed my fear that the streak might seriously be coming to an end. After all, Baron and the Clips were playing Sacramento, owners of the 2nd worst defensive FG % in the entire league. What better opportunity for Davis to pop this bubble than to go up against the slower Beno Udrih, an ancient Bobby Jackson, and a team without its only legitimate shot-blocking threat in Spencer Hawes? If there was ever a night for BD to put it all together and finally break out of this never ending shooting slump, this was it. Think again. 48 minutes of basketball later, our hero had mangled the box score with a ghastly 3-17 night from the floor.

To put all the cards on the table, I am well aware that Baron is playing with a pretty nasty cast of characters in LA. Consider some of his running mates right now. Freddie Jones was not even in the league until a couple weeks ago, and at this point should probably only be making appearances on All-Star Saturday night in the dunking festivities. Paul Davis recently played close to 40 minutes in a's hard to even make a joke about that. Brian Skinner, Mardy Collins, and Jason Hart also complement Davis on the court. However, let us not forget that 19 of these 49 games took place for last year's Warriors, who had a multitude of options on offense. And even this year, there have been stretches where Baron has been playing alongside Zach Randolph, Al Thornton, and Marcus Camby. All quality NBA players, with whom a supposed "superstar" NBA point guard should be able to flourish. Baron...we're not asking for a season full of outstanding nights and a number of unforgettable shooting performances. We are just asking for ONE night where you go out and hit more shots than you brick. Just one night. Tonight, the Clippers visit the aging Phoenix Suns with noted sieve Steve Nash at the point and defensive stopper Raja Bell now playing in Charlotte. Will any of this matter to Baron? Probably not.

It is only a matter of time before this wildly entertaining streak is the lead story on SportsCenter. Until then, this is the place to follow all of the clanks, shanks, and missed banks. Drop a comment here or throw a comment my way at

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