Friday, October 23, 2009

Zorn, Phillips, and Jerebko. A Little Dose of Friday Heat from the HSL

Anybody else find this whole Jim Zorn play-calling business to be pretty ridiculous? First of all, why is there considered to be "too much on Zorn's plate" to also expect him to call plays?? Isn't that something you might expect from your head coach, especially one with such an extensive offensive background? Exactly what else is there to consume yourself with during the game if you are not involved in calling the plays? Making sure everyone is drinking enough Gatorade? Throwing the red challenge flag a couple of times over a 3-plus hour period? Is that really enough responsibility where it now becomes too stressful to also have a hand in what actually gets run out on the field? You didn't see Rick Moranis pulling a stunt like this in Little Giants. And unlike Zorn, he was a guy with little to no experience in coaching professional football. Secondly, why was there such intense coverage of this move? I understand the NFL is king in today's sports world, but still. The Redskins are a ho-hum franchise that have not been a factor in a number of years. So they made an adjustment in their coaching staff...fine. Go ahead and report it, but with all respect, please throw it on the back page or tail end of the show instead of giving it a splashy headline and "Armstrong Walking on the Moon" treatment. I've seen more of Jim Zorn in the last 72 hours than I have my own family. Let's tone down the coverage. Or just take the guy out and shoot him, like a busted horse. Either way, I want this to be the last we hear of it...

Pretty wild story coming out of ESPN with the news that Baseball Tonight analyst Steve Phillips has been carrying on an affair with a 22-year-old production assistant. Phillips is married with four kids, and always seemed (at least on-air) to be a down-to-earth guy that had his head on straight. But the story gets a little harder to understand when you get a gander at this girl. That is one handsome woman. Yamma-hamma, Steve! What was going on there, buddy? Busting up a marriage and a family for a couple of rounds with the female version of Sal Fasano??? You'd have been better off with the real thing. At least that way you'd get to play with his moustache and hear him tell nightly tales about what it was like to catch the likes of Kevin Appier and Sidney Ponson despite never actually being in possession of a human soul. A disturbing story, on all fronts.

I know it's not a big deal, but couldn't the Pistons have found some different digits for rookie Jonas Jerebko's jersey than the once G-Hill owned 33? I'm not saying the number needs to be retired, but how about a little respect by not handing the dueling threes to the first lush with blonde highlights that comes around?? Let's not forget that Tayshaun Prince's game has been regressing for years, lending further credibility to the widespread speculation that it's been the ghost of John Crotty's #22 behind the dropoff in production the whole time. And how are we supposed to officially refer to Jerebko?? Is he a "Rich Man's Walter Herrmann" or a "Poor Man's Zeljko Rebraca?" What's the ruling here? I'm fine with either one, and would also support any variation of the two that involves references to Billy Curley or David Wood. Let's just figure it out so we can avoid any further confusion. Thanks...

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